Plastic Oceanic – Creating a positive impact on Ocean Plastics

Plastic waste is destroying our wonderful oceans But it’s never been easier to help with the clean-up.

Buy our products – beautiful jewellery and gifts hand made in Cornwall from the actual ocean plastic we pick up from the water and plant based eco resin.

Remember the more you buy the more we can clean up, help us make a change! – Help us turn the tide on ocean plastic waste.

Plastic Oceanic uses plastic from ocean waste to make beautiful things


Who Are We?

Plastic Oceanic Is a group of concerned ocean users who felt it was time to use our skills to help with the problem of ocean plastics. Plastic Oceanic was started by Dan Edwards, a surfer and deep sea commercial diver who originally trained as a marine biologist. Dan has for the last few years run a small welding and engineering business and a construction business, involved in traditional building restoration, both based in Penryn, Cornwall.

Plastic Oceanic is now involving other surfers, divers, engineers, environmentalists and just about anyone who is concerned about the health of our oceans and wants to have a positive impact on ocean plastic. Remember, you can support our efforts by buying our products! The more you buy the more we can clean up the oceans!

More about us

Our Promise

Plastic Oceanic promises to financially support local plastic free initiatives, via the work of seas for the furture CIC. By helping out in our local community we can see on our doorstep the impact our donations can make. These could be sponsoring a new refill point or purchasing equipment for the community to use- education  resources etc